Business Development Team


Jake Engleman, Business Development Executive

Jake Engleman considers business development a sport, probably because sports has been a mainstay in his personal and professional life forever. He also likes to win, especially when crafting win-win strategies for our clients through exposure on

Born in Texas and raised in Tennessee, Jake is  a former strength and conditioning coach and still considers football his passion.  As a member of the Liv Media sales team, Jake has been a consistent overachiever and prides himself on finding innovative ways to create value for our clients.


Jared Lane, Business Development Executive

When Jared isn't busy zigzagging across the country meeting with clients and  prospects, he enjoys attending concerts, live sporting events, and reading leather-bound books.   

Prior to joining the business development team, Jared was an award-winning Integrated Media Manager and sales manager for Livability Media.  Jared has a BS in Business Management from Alabama State University and an MS in Sports Leadership from Duquesne University. 


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