Business Development Team


Jordan Moore, Business Development Executive                                    

Jordan likes to keep lots of balls in the air.

Possibly because he had a brief career overseas as a professional soccer player. Previously a top integrated media manager overseeing advertising sales, Jordan now makes contact with prospective Livability Media clients and manages relationships with current clients.

Upbeat and endlessly enthusiastic, Jordan expertly explains the ever-evolving details of our publishing programs, particularly the rapidly expanding digital elements. Jordan is a graduate of Carson-Newman University.


Clay Perry, Senior Vice President/Business Development                

Clay is persistent. Possibly because he’s a former track and field champion. He’s switched from throwing javelins to explaining to prospects and clients how we can help them target and engage businesses and individuals they want to attract to their communities, regions and states.

A former award-winning integrated media manager, Clay is comfortable with the language of economic development and with trends in the industry, particularly from the marketing perspective. Graduating cum laude from Sewanee – The University of the South with a degree in economics probably helps with that.


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