Livability Media Sponsored Content Program Overview


Primary: Depending on the sponsor’s goals, a mix of prospective talent, recent newcomers, visitors and others looking for relocation or travel information about a place — for themselves or to share
Secondary: Current residents, business owners and workforce


Emphasize the positive attributes of the community — what makes it a vibrant, unique and desirable place to live and do business. See for examples of published content and digital magazines.

Content should answer the following:

  • What makes this community special or unique?

  • What do its residents value most about it?

  • Where are the most popular places for eating, playing, working and living, and WHY are they “most popular”?

    IMPORTANT: During interviews and fact-checks, regardless of the assignment or story angle, remember interviewees are locals. Ask them about their favorite places to go, what they think of their community, and include that information if it fits the assignment. If it’s positive, but doesn’t fit the assignment, simply pass it along to the project manager. These testimonials ensure content that reads like personal conversations rather than tourist brochures.

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