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Using the top two or three scores from the data index and personally researched information, write a 500-word article about why this city is a great place to live and was chosen as a Livability Top 100 city. Highlight 2-3 index points that make it unique and backup with examples. Overall, it should have a conversational tone. Include quote from sources listed below. The data points are measured on a 1-100 scale, so please emphasize the highest numbers. Eg: If your city received high scores in health care, amenities and housing, write about those things. Interview a key community leader (see sources notes below)

Keyword phrases: Best place to live, best places to live, living in <city> (include early in body copy)

Quote: Quote should speak to what makes the city special - a community program or great amenities like a children’s library, nice parks, walkable downtown, etc.

Sources: Mayor (ideally. We typically can secure the mayor and don’t hesitate to say that we typically talk to the mayor) City Manager, Chamber Executive, CVB Representative - Or, a famous person who grew up in the city.
Writer’s Script: launched its annual ranking of the top 100 best places to live this fall, with world-renowned urbanist Richard Florida and assistant clinical professor Steven Pedigo from the Initiative for Creativity and Innovation in Cities at NYU School of Professional Studies. We're preparing stories on the cities that made the list.  Your city ranked number <#> and we’d love to write about why you’re one of the best places to live. Would you {OR THE PERSON YOU REPRESENT} have 20 minutes or so to chat about what makes CITY a great place to live and work sometime this week?  

Livabiltity Index/Ranking Data

Best Places Story Examples:

Format:  500 word article

Photo Direction: Acquire two photos for this story, if possible. One that shows the city skyline, and a second that shows the downtown area, a park or something the source has talked about.  

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