Arts & Culture/Attractions

Content about Arts & Culture/Attractions should cover:

  • Is this an artsy town in general? How so?
  • How are the arts and culture attractions and organizations here different from those of other cities?
  • What festivals or other events bring the community together most? Which of these are the “don’t miss” events for a visitor or newcomer and why?
  • What basic info does a newcomer or visitor need to know if he or she wants to see a play, dance performance or hear live music?
  • What “insider tips” or insight from a resident could a newcomer or visitor use in order to get involved in the local arts scene? What about “insider tips” for merely attending a performance or arts event?
  • What’s the most memorable part of this town’s history or heritage? Are there any museums or places where a visitor or newcomer could learn more about it?

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