The strength of the local education system, higher education options and workforce development almost always factor heavily into decisions about relocating families and businesses. Every education story should make it clear this why we are including this type of information.

Also avoid calling a school system great, especially if it isn’t.Find the good and praise it, but don’t sugar coat. Examples: new construction, technology investments, accolades or outstanding programs

Even in an education overview, in which writers are expected to touch on all the options within a community, we still want an example or two of specific accolades, praise from a parent or other testimonial that provides some insight. In some cases, a system’s strength is its workforce development programs. Find a company or industry that benefits from this.

Also consider these things and include the answers in your copy:

  • What is the most interesting, positive and memorable thing about the public school system?
  • Are there any private and/or parochial schools? What is memorable and interesting about it (them)?
  • What is the most interesting, positive and memorable thing about higher education in this community (if there is a university or community college in town or close by)?
  • What are the schools like, in terms of honors, awards, athletics?

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