Health Care

Our health care content should do more than just summarize what health care facilities are present in a city, but also highlight exceptional programs, facilities and initiatives within a community – especially those which exemplify its overall health.

Every story should make a clear connection between how the access to these institutions, programs and initiatives are attractive to companies and individuals looking to relocate.

Consider these things and include the answers in your copy:

  • What are the major health care institutions in town and where are they located? Is there one major hospital? More than one?
  • Has the hospital (or hospitals) earned any national recognition or awards for programs, specialties or other services?
  • What community programs or outreach efforts does the hospital(s) support or lead?
  • What about the city attracts health care workers to these facilities?
  • Is health-care a major employer as an industry?
  • Are there any community groups or residents who might speak to the positive impact of the hospital within their community?
  • What types of specialists are present in town for major illnesses like cancer?
  • Is there a medical complex within the community that is affiliated with a major metro hospital nearby (a satellite campus created specifically to provide more localized convenience to residents of this community)?

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