Moving to ? Here are the basics:

Article should be different from Reasons to Move, which does cover these topics, but it’s more of a promotion instead of the basics. This is what to expect once you’ve decided and should cover the following in nor particular order:

Headline: Moving to <city, region or state> ? Here are the basics


Climate: Cover the general weather climate – What to expect on average in terms of temperature, rainfall, snowfall, days of sunshine, etc. and how residents adapt.

Best Places to Live (State only)  Choose a few cities (if state or regional) or neighborhoods (if city) to spotlight (Mention top 100 cities if available) and add reference/link to Best Places to Live article.

Business Climate: Cover the general economic climate – business outlook, regional industry niches (automotive, advanced manufacturing, etc.)

Where to work/Top Employers:  Summarize industries, mention a few employers and add a reference/link the city or state Top Employers article.

Things to Do – Cover the highpoint across the city or state and add a reference/link to the city or state Things to Do article

Cost of Living – short section on cost of living compare with national average, or rank. Link to a cost of living tool or gov site

Transportation : Major interstates, commute times, public transport, mention any top downtown cities in the state.


Summarize Schools and Colleges

Tips, Fun, or Other Misc.

Anything else additional or good to about the city or state.

Here’s a good example on a state level:

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