If you are writing a Neighborhoods overview or a feature that is a roundup about various neighborhoods or communities, always give priority to information would be most helpful to know for a newcomer or visitor.


  • To organize your story easily, break a city into zones and cover key neighborhoods and the quality of life in each (North, South, East and West usually works well). For a county or region, highlight the key cities/communities within the area, placing the most emphasis on the largest population centers. Here are two examples:

City example: Asheville, NC –

County example: Dickson, TN –

Also, consider these things and include the answers in your copy:

  • What is the range of home prices throughout the community, and specifically for neighborhoods?
  • What neighborhoods cater especially to families (parks, neighborhood pools, walking distance to school, etc.)?
  • What are the types of homes available throughout the community and within specific neighborhoods?
  • What are the historic neighborhoods, and are they well-preserved? Have any won preservation or revitalization awards?
  • What neighborhoods or communities appeal mostly to retirees (planned retirement communities, golf course communities)?
  • What neighborhoods cater mostly to younger generations (nightlife, social activities, greenways, independent retailers)?

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