When researching a community's qualities that appeal to pet owners, here are important topics to include:

  • Dog parks and parks for walking dogs
    Does the community have a designated, fenced park where dogs can romp off leash? Are there ample public parks where dogs can be walked in accordance with local leash laws? Local park sites usually include dog walking guidelines.
     Helpful resources:
  • Veterinary care
    Is a veterinary teaching hospital in the region? Is 24-hour emergency veterinary care available locally? Proximity to a veterinary teaching hospital and emergency care can be an asset if a pet has an unusually complicated/rare injury or illness that cannot be treated by a local veterinarian.

    Helpful resources:
    Juggling Cats
  • Pet-friendly housing
    Are apartments available that allow tenants to have one or more dogs and/or cats? Until a newcomer gets settled in a place of residence, are there hotels or motels that allow a pet to stay in the room with the guest(s)?

    Helpful resources: (Pet-friendly apartment finder section)
  • Pet day care/kennels
    Is "doggie day care" available locally?
  • Pet-friendly restaurants
    Is there at least one restaurant that allows an owner to bring a dog to an outdoor sitting area?

    Helpful resources: (has listings by state)
  • X-Factor
    Is there anything special or unique about pet resources or amenities in this community? Think: doggie bakeries, hotels exclusively for pets, significant events honoring pets, etc.

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