Reasons to Move

The X Reasons to Move <City, St> article is a list with an approximate 50-word intro and 8 to 10 short blurbs about why a person should move to <City, St>.

Although the article may contain things to do, this is should not be a "things to do" article.

The writer should include an example of each in no particular order and only if it applies: Reference to one ore more ranking or other Liv list the city made ( also can be peppered through out); an iconic restaurant or a dish; a great neighborhood; something cultural or arts related; a notable school or educational program;  a top employer or best place to work recipient; Affordability of housing and cost of living if applicable: an off-beat attraction residents enjoy; a nearby park or popular outdoor experience. Direction should be geared toward benefiting residents or future residents - not just tourist activity. 

If interviewing for the story, try to get a compelling reason for the quote.

Format:  Approx. 50-word intro followed by 30 to 50-word blurbs for each reason

Format Example:

Photo Direction: Writer should acquire a skyline or wide angle view of the city along with a photo to illustrate each of the eight reasons to move there.

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