In order to pay you for work completed for JCI, we must have:

  • a current W-9 Form on file

  • a current Freelance Writer Contract on file

  • an invoice for each assignment to receive for payment. Be sure to include an invoice number that is unique to you for each assignment. Any combination of letters and numbers will do, as long as it is different from any prior invoice numbers you have submitted to us.

When you complete your assignment, please email your invoice to the appropriate person:

Winona Dimeo-Ediger,

LIVABILITY MEDIA Print Publications:
Alicia Johnson,
(unless assigned by a project editor)

If we do not have a W-9 form or contract on file for you, please download from the links above, complete and return them to your assigning editor.

Writers’ fees will be paid approximately 30-45 days after the invoices are processed, which is usually the day after the copy deadline. If a significant period of time has passed beyond the time frame during which you expected payment, please contact Maria McFarland in Accounts Payable -

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