Photo Acquisition Tips

  • When contacting sources, ask for horizontal photos. Please let them know we will credit the photographer. Photo credit is required.

  • This site has tons of free images, many of which can be used without asking for permission – IF the photo is licensed under Creative Commons. Always check the license parameters

    • To see these photos, click “Advanced Search.” On the left side, click “any license” and switch to “all creative commons.”

      • Use Advanced Search to search for just horizontal photos

      • How to credit a Flickr photo:



  • Contact the city, CVB organizations or other local groups. Check Facebook and send a message asking if you can use a photo. Think outside the box!

  • Use your Google image search and see what comes up. If you find something great, you can trace the photo back to the website it's been posted on and (hopefully) find contact information for the photographer, and then ask permission to use the image.

  • Check Wikicommons. Photo usage rules and credit should be below the image. Credit using Flickr code.

Updated 8/21/17

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