Sharing Your Work

Have something published in one of our magazines or on one of our websites recently? Let the world know!

Here are some ways to share content with your friends, family members and professional contacts:

In most cases, for Livability content marketing programs (for which we have partnered with a sponsor), your copy will appear in three places:

  • print magazine


  • digital magazine (embedded on the city page for the project city)

If you’ve completed a “global” (homepage) assignment, you’ll see it there.

Here are ways to access and share your work, once published:

Sharing Links to Articles: You can easily share links to your articles on the project’s city page or the homepage.

Reshare Our Social Posts: Follow our accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reshare our posts (it may be your work … or it may just be something else cool you want to pass along).

Magazine clips: You can visit the project’s city page on the website and view the digital version of the magazine there. It is an exact replica of the print magazine, and you can download a .pdf or share a link to the digital magazine’s landing page.

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