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 Boomers Retire Each Day

Turn 30 Each Day

People Move A Year in the U.S.


It’s no secret that new residents increase a city’s tax base, support local businesses and add to its vitality. But more than ever, people are relocating to communities not for jobs alone but also for quality of life. As a result, today’s progressive communities and companies are touting lifestyle as much as workstyle for talent recruitment.

Is your city doing all it can to get their attention?

Livability helps market your city

You have a good story to tell and it's our job to help showcase it.



We create content that reveals your city’s best assets and answers the question most frequently asked about livability. Articles, photos and infographics are then curated, edited and posted to your city page on Livability.



As important as the content itself is a coordinated, ongoing strategy to engage readers who are candidates for relocation or tourism. We use internet marketing tools, SEO optimization strategies and social media to promote your city’s content on an ongoing basis.



We update your content at regular intervals to reflect positive community developments. Adding new content is critical to improving your standing in search and social media.



Comprehensive reports on traffic building and engagement metrics are furnished to measure the progress of the program against realistic expectations and to identify and implement enhancement strategies.

Take a Look

Livability helps Tyler, Texas tell it's story to potential residential and business prospects. We’ve told the stories of countless cities like Tyler across the country. Explore these city pages and publication online and view how the Livability print-and-digital program can tell your story on a national platform reaching more than 10 million visitors per year.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Southern Idaho sits in an unparalleled natural setting that provides recreational opportunities, solace and inspiration. Livability.com is the perfect place to share the stories of our communities and to inform new residents, visitors, and businesses about what sets Southern Idaho apart from the rest.

Shawn Barigar

President & CEO of the Twin Falls Area Chamber

Having quality content on Livability.com brings our community to the forefront when people are searching for a place to move their family or business. It's the front door to our economic development efforts. This site gives us a competitive edge over other communities they may be looking at. It's an extremely valuable piece of our marketing plan.

Treasure McKenzie

President & CEO of the Greater Muskogee Area Chamber of Commerce

Being present on Livability.com has created a national reach for Rock Springs. This is extremely important as we are experiencing a 3.4 percent unemployment rate, as well as a 3 percent growth rate. This particular medium has improved workforce recruitment, especially in a younger population, which is essential to the community's continued growth and progression.

Dave Hanks

Executive Director of the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce


What’s A Sponsored Content Program Cost?

Telling your city’s story on Livability can begin for an investment as small as $500 per month with enhanced programs available offering added content development and promotion, annual photo shoots and custom videos.